What is a dog park?  An off-leash dog park is a secure, fenced-in area designated specifically for the use of dog owners who wish to safely exercise their dogs off the leash.  It gives owners and their dogs the opportunity to socially interact with other people and dogs as well as get lots of exercise in a safe, supervised environment.  It offers disposal facilities for dog waste, a double-gated entry/exit system and shaded areas.  The park is monitored, rules are posted and are strictly enforced by D.O.G.G.S. volunteers.

Where is this park and when did it open?  Who can use it?  The park is located within Salmon Brook Park on Routes 10 & 202 and officially opened on Saturday, April 22, 2006.  Since the dog park is on town property, it is open to the general public.

How can I help? You can help by being a responsible dog owner.  Make sure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations, is in good health, and is not human or dog aggressive.  Please remember that dog play in an off-leash environment is very different from dog play at home.  It is imperative that you have good recall with your dog and that you are able to control them at all times while at the park.  To read more about what to expect while at the park and off-leash dog behavior, click here.

How else can I help? You can also help by becoming a D.O.G.G.S. volunteer and donating some of your time to help us maintain the park.  If you can't donate your time, perhaps you'd consider making a donation to our park fund by clicking here. You can print and complete the form to send in your donation today!

Is there a separate area for smaller dogs? In researching other dog parks, we’ve learned that separate play areas for small dogs are generally underutilized.  We found that many small dogs and their owners prefer to play with larger dogs.  We will consider creating a separate section for smaller dogs if there is sufficient interest.

How many dogs can there be in the park at one time?  And how many dogs can I bring at a time?  There’s no “official” limit on how many dogs can be in the park at one time, but if you (or your dog) are uncomfortable at any time, it would be better to return at a less busy time.  Dog owners must be able to watch and control their dogs at all times.  For some owners, one dog per person is sufficient.  Other owners may be able to handle two to three dogs.  At no time should a person have more than three dogs in the park at the same time.

Is there water available on site?  Water from our Fire Hydrant and water bowls are now available within the park.  During the winter months (November through March) however, the water is shut off so please remember to bring water for your dog.

What do I do if I encounter an aggressive dog in the park? If you feel a dog is being aggressive, talk to the owner.  All dogs behave differently – some are naturally very vocal when they play and although they may sound aggressive, this may be the way they like to play. Remember, if at anytime you feel your dog’s safety is at risk, it is your responsibility to remove them from the park.  Click here for more information about aggressive dogs and what to do.

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